Vigjilenca Abazi and Mary Inman on the EU Whistleblower Directive [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Earlier in 2019, the European Parliament adopted a new EU Whistleblower Directive.

To better understand these new rules and their implications we sat down for a discussion with Vigjilenca Abazi, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University and Mary Inman, a partner at the law firm Constantine Cannon LLP, which represents whistleblowers.  They will be addressing the EU Whistleblower Directive at the 2020 SCCE European Compliance and Ethics Institute in Amsterdam.

In this podcast they answer three key questions about the Directive:

  1. Who does it cover?
  2. What does it cover?
  3. How does it work?

They also explore the differences vs. the US whistleblowing model, the interaction of the Directive with GDPR (click here to listen to another podcast on the topic) and the opportunities the Whistleblower Directive provides for reorienting mindsets.

Listen in to learn more, and to learn still more, join their session in Amsterdam in March 2020.