Dana McMahon on Embedding the Compliance Team in the Business [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Tired of being last to the party and then perceived as a party pooper?

There’s a solution to that problem embraced by Dana McMahon, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Head, Privacy & Enterprise Risk at Stryker. She works to have her team embedded in the business unit.

It’s a process that begins with getting a seat at the table and being intentional about conversations. From there the relationship evolves into being a consultant on sticky issues and then on to being integrated into decision making and proving yourselves indispensable.

The key to the process, she explains, is to show up with a problem-solving mindset. Throughout, the compliance team has to be aware of the needs of the business and its challenges.

To solidify compliance’s place takes three things:

  1. Adopt a problem-solving approach
  2. Tailor your efforts to the most pressing issues
  3. Timing: anticipate what the business needs to move forward

Listen in to learn more and gain other tips for fully embedding compliance into the business process.