Robert Bond on the Privacy and Data Security Track at the 2020 Compliance & Ethics Institute [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

NOTE: This podcast was recorded prior to the conversion of the Compliance & Ethics Institute to a virtual program. Some of the sessions and their tracks may have changed.  Be sure to visit the website to see the latest agenda.

Staying on top of what’s new in data privacy is tough. As Robert Bond, Partner and Notary Public at the UK-based law firm Bristows explains, over 100 countries have drafted or implemented new data privacy laws in 2019.

To help sort it out Robert sits down with us for this podcast and also shares what attendees to the 2020 Compliance & Ethics Institute will find at the Privacy & Data Security track. It will cover everything from privacy 101 to emerging laws and regulations, as well as deeper dives into CCPA, data security and cyber risks. Sessions include:

  • Our Brave New World: International Privacy and Data Security Challenges for US Based Organizations
  • California Consumer Privacy Act Enforcement Update
  • Learn More from your Data While Improving Data Security

Keeping up with what’s new is essential in this fast-evolving compliance risk area. As Robert explains, the European Commission in June issued a new report on the effectiveness of GDPR and identified the need to improve the exercise of data subject rights. It also called for greater cross-border regulatory cooperation and enforcement.

He also notes that data security practices need to evolve to meet the new business reality, with so many people no longer in the office but working from home. Suddenly, documents that were kept securely on a corporate server may be duplicated in laptops and in printed files, making it difficult to account for and safeguard them.

Listen in to learn more about what’s happening in privacy compliance and what to expect at the 2020 Compliance & Ethics Institute.