2019 SCCE CEI Guest Blogs

Nation’s Capital – Compliance By Teresa Frogge

So glad to be here in our Nation’s capital attending the SCCE conference. I have been enjoying the very informative seminars and am now strolling through the exhibit hall meeting with my company’s vendors and learning about new programs that may help my organization in our compliance efforts. It is great being able to talk to my vendors in possible to discuss new programs we want to institute and to brainstorm on solutions to roadblocks we are facing. This is my 3rd conference. Each time I learn more and am able to bring home new solutions to make our company better. After my 1st conference, I studied for and passed my CCEP exam.

SCCE Conference – Wealth of Information By Laura Alexander

I have been an SCCE member and CCEP certification for four years. On top of the great year-long information available, the star of the year is the SCCE conference. This year, I followed the Ethics track due to a focus in my organization. It has been phenomenal! One may think that Ethics is simple, you have it or you don’t. But this conference has shown the diversity of being ethical, understanding when something is an ethical dilemma, and that “good people do bad things”. Star take away from me was understanding everyone views ethics different and good ethics training takes that into consideration. Great conference so far…can’t wait for Texas in 2020!

First Time Attendee By Elizabeth Fenner

The SCCE conference has been great so far. The airport was close to the airport and the hotel is absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of restaurants near the hotel that are all on the water with incredible views. Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one session to attend because there are so many good options on the schedule. My favorite session so far has been with Chuck Gallagher “Every Choice has a Consequence.” He is a convicted felon who spoke about how to prevent people from making the wrong decision. We laughed, we learned something, and what could make a better session. Looking forward to attending next year in Texas!

Newbie Post By Erica Day

I recently entered the world of compliance and ethics after a long stint in finance. This was my first SCCE conference and I can say I was impressed. I have been to many conferences in the past, mainly related to my roles in finance. This was the largest and most well-organized conference I have ever attended. There was a large variety of breakout sessions to choose from which kept each day interesting. The SCCE presence was great, you could find representatives all over the hotel and conference halls answering any questions needed. I felt very welcomed as a first timer and invigorated to continue my new role in compliance and ethics.

CEI 2019 By Rebecca Arnold

This year’s event was great! The general sessions were impressive. This morning’s interviewee was a fantastic example of the resiliency this profession can bring to a crisis or scandal. To watch what that company went through, how they course corrected and where they hope to get in the future is inspiring. Discussion over the budget, number of compliance employees and how they basically received unlimited resources in the crisis and during the correction phase and then how they will likely stabilize in that area without losing momentum was helpful. Also, the reminder to find that work-life balance to help us all be better professionals is a great takeaway. Great job SCCE!

A Must for Any Compliance Professional By Julie Lukaart

I attended the SCCE Conference at Gaylord National. Lots of information in a short amount of time. Many that I spoke with said they wished it was longer. Hard to believe for a compliance conference, right? I loved the Investigations Workshop on Sunday. Although it’s optional, they had a few great speakers! The location was awesome and the experts they have on hand were a great resource for any stage of compliance.

This was my first time attending. I’m new to Compliance and I found that the speakers were easy to understand and didn’t talk over my head.

The location was great, it was very well organized. The hotel had everything and would be a great place to bring the family along if you have the opportunity.


  1. This year has been a very fruitful year for me ,perhaps the most fruitful and rewarding year in my life, big thanks to my mentor, lead investor, partners, stakeholders and all those who contributed in diverse ways towards my success thus far.
    IN Fact , I have learned and earned a lot this year, for instance I have learned about the enormous importance of team work in compliance and business success. For my earnings I have earned huge financial and monetary incomes , Real estate assets and properties, , ultra modern and digital financial data transfer and storage infrastructure i.e wire transfer cables and block chain technology networks as well as banking and financial institutions as part of my assets and investments including BARCLAYS AFRICA and it’s parent company the ABSA GROUP., all to the credit of my amazing and powerful investors and partners thus further emphasizing the huge importance of cooperation and team work in compliance and all business endeavors. . I am therefore looking forward to very productive days, months,, and years ahead by effectively utilizing all these resources for our mutual and collective benefits as a team. Meanwhile , I ‘m also looking to attend my first ever compliance and ethics conference in the very near future and will be very excited if it’s held in my hotel in ACCRA Ghana ( RAMADA BEACH RESORT).

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