Veronica Xu on Maximizing the Hotline [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Non-working phone numbers, a lack of transparency and inadequate follow up can all sink a helpline, reports Veronica Xu, Chief Compliance Officer for Saber Healthcare Group.  Another challenge:  Employee doubts about how the helpline works and what will happen once they call.

To overcome these challenges she advises compliance teams instill confidence in the system.  Let employees know what to expect and be sure to take action.

Building that confidence begins with selecting the right helpline provider.  She advises asking questions such as:

  • What is the set-up cost?
  • What are the annual fees?
  • Is the system user friendly and easy to navigate?
  • Can it integrate with other company systems?
  • Can it integrate information from other reporting channels?
  • Are live reps available 24-hours a day?

Then, to ensure that reports are acted on appropriately, reach out to colleagues in other departments who will be helping with investigations to ensure that they understand the process and expectations, including when and if they should report back to the person making the allegation.

Listen in to learn more, including how to include customers and vendors in this important communications channel.