Roz Bliss on Having a Successful Team Meeting [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

Roz Bliss is the Manager, Global Integrity at Northrop Grumman.  One of the responsibilities of that role is putting together a meeting for the global ethics team.  It’s not an easy task, with such a large and spread out team.

Over the years she’s learned to manage not just the logistics but the substance of the meeting as well.  By chance Northrop Grumman was having a team meeting at the same time and hotel as the 2018 SCCE Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy in Amsterdam.  While we were both there, she sat down to share her experience on the ingredients of a successful team meeting.

Listen in as she shares her tips, including:

  • Know your audience, including how on-time it tends to be (it varies by country)
  • State your purpose and manage expectations up front
  • Be considerate of the time of participants
  • Involve the right people in planning, including some who may oppose what you plan on doing
  • Plan on asking questions: don’t make the whole program a speech
  • When following up, include people who were unable to participate