Nancy Beckley on Post-Acute Care in the Time of COVID [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

It’s a tough time for post-acute care for a wide range of reasons. As Nancy Beckley explains in this podcast, patients cut off from the outside world have provided not just emotional challenges. They have provided compliance challenges as well.

Two issues are of particular note. The first is support of persons with disabilities and ensuring that they are not denied equal access to medical treatments and are getting adequate care.

The second problematic area has revolved around religion and access to clergy. Many facilities had banned religious visits, as they had family visits. That led to complaints, and The Office of Civil Rights  has now given direction and continues to announce resolutions that post-acute care facilities need to heed.

Listen in to ensure that your organization doesn’t run afoul of the rules, and also to learn more about the growing number of therapists in compliance roles.