Matt Kelly on Trust [Podcast]



By Adam Turteltaub

The good news is that people trust the businesses they work for.  The bad news is, they trust the businesses they work for.

In a fascinating and provocative conversation, Matt Kelly of Radical Compliance shares some striking data from the Edelman Trust Barometer.  The global survey reveals that 75% of people trust “my employer” to do what is right.  That’s a level far higher than for any other institution, including the 54% who trust business as a whole.

In addition, 74% report that “I know what is going on, I am part of the planning process, and I have a voice in key decisions; the culture is values-driven and inclusive.”

All good signs but signs that carry risk.  People are increasingly looking to business to solve social problems not being solved elsewhere, which could lead to new demands on compliance and ethics teams to weigh in on social issues outside the legal and regulatory scope that they have traditionally had.

So, how should companies navigate this reality?  Matt argues that now, more than ever CEOs need to hold managers accountable for violations, especially those that are visible and talked about.  Employees have to be encouraged to speak up and supported when they do so.  The compliance team needs to do a great deal of communication and outreach and encourage employees to come to them with concerns.

Listen in to learn more about trust in business and how to keep it.