Kristy Grant-Hart on Building a Successful Compliance Career [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

A compliance job is rarely easy.  And, sometimes, as was discussed in a recent podcast, you may find yourself having to leave a job.  But the chances of having a good, successful career in compliance are much better, if you spend some time planning it out.

Kristy Grant-Hart of Spark Compliance Consulting has enjoyed a successful compliance career and in this podcast shares her advice on how best to enjoy one yourself.

A successful compliance career, she explains, comes from the determining what you want to do, whether it’s to stay where you are, rise and grow or change industries.  Once you have a goal in mind, it’s time to get busy.  Even spending 10 minutes a month learning about an industry you want to potentially join, she argues, can be enormously helpful.

Listen in as she explains the value of planning, the importance of raising your profile, what to look for when interviewing and how to negotiate a job offer.


  1. I discovered the podcast through my HCCA membership and just listened to this episode. I found the career advice incredibly helpful and enlightening. I currently work in risk management for a law firm, but my true wheelhouse is healthcare compliance. I have. JD in Health Law and am currently pursuing my MBA in Health Care Management. As a career change, this podcast was very helpful in mapping out my next steps. Much appreciated.

  2. Really great advice, easy to execute-it can be so overwhelming trying to advance your career but Kristy suggested some very doable action steps. Thanks!

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