Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Firms Build Ethical Culture Through Hard Work


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Firms build ethical culture through hard work

By Patrick Harney for Rochester Business Journal
The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation has narrowed its list of applicants down to seven finalists for the 2017 Ethie Award, with a diverse assemblage of local businesses, organizations and one governmental institution eligible for the grand prize.

First established in 2003, the goal of the Ethie is to celebrate local businesses and organizations that have created and maintained strong ethical guidelines for their clients, employees and customers.

If there is a theme for this year’s Ethie nominees, it centers on company culture, where ethical behavior doesn’t come from a policy, but from years of hard work. This became especially clear in separate conversations with each finalist, showing how they view ethics in the workplace as valuable, more important than expediency or potential profit. Read more

Are you a leader or liar?

By Randy Pennington for HuffPost
For many, the word integrity is synonymous with ethics. That is a critical piece of it, but true integrity also includes competence and consistency.

A building has integrity when it holds together and bears its own weight without failing or breaking apart. A process has integrity when it reliably delivers the same result over and over again.

The issues your organization faces – pressure on cost and profit margins, strategy execution, expanding partnerships, avoiding disruption, and continuous improvement – demand a work place that is fast, flexible, focused, and committed. Every person at every level must be trusted to deliver what they said they would do when they said they would do it the way it is supposed to be done. Read more

How much do a company’s ethics matter in the modern professional climate?

By Larry Alton for Forbes
More than ever, a company’s success depends on the talent it’s able to attract, but attracting the best talent is about more than just offering the best salary—or even the best benefits. Companies may have a lucrative offer for a prospective candidate and a culture where they’ll feel at home, but how do corporate ethics stack up against those of its competition? Read more

Ethics must be ‘front and centre’ as non-executives check financial reports

by Kevin Reed for Board Agenda
Non-executive directors must place ethics “front and centre” of their efforts to make sure financial reports present a true and fair view of a business, according to one of the UK’s most senior governance leaders.

In a major new paper for the Institute of Business Ethics, former Standard Life Investment head of governance and stewardship Guy Jubb has outlined the key aspects of governance required by board members in producing financial reports.

Although accounting and reporting standards are constantly updated and modified, the need for judgement in the financial reporting process is more important than ever, according to the paper Responsible Financial Reporting: doing the right thing. Read more

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