Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Why the Ethics of Farming are More Important Than Ever


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Why the ethics of farming are more important than ever

By Toban Dyck for Financial Post
Ethics are an important part of farming. And if they aren’t for you, they should be. There is a growing need in agriculture for farmers and the industries that serve them to reflect on the morals that underpin their actions. Progress begets progress. Innovation begets innovation. And in that flurry, we barely have time to stop and think about things like far-reaching consequences. Read more

Voices setting an ethical compass in the digital age

By Warner Johnston for Accounting Times
Professionals in many sectors are trusted by their clients and the public to commit to a high standard of ethical behavior and a willingness to “do the right thing.” There’s an expectation—quite rightly—that a strong ethical compass is a must-have for professionals.

Trust is intrinsically linked to ethical behavior. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual global survey of trust and credibility, has revealed that people’s confidence has declined in society’s key institutions: governments, businesses, NGOs and the media. Read more

Ethics matter in audits

By Bernard Agulhas for Financial Mail
Too much attention on the bottom line creates the risk of compromising professional or ethical principles. This might be okay in other industries, but it can never be acceptable in the highly regarded world of auditors.

The auditor is that professional in whom the public and investors place their hard-earned confidence. This stems from a certain level of trust, integrity and belief that he or she will do the right thing.

“Doing the right thing” isn’t as difficult as some would have you believe: as human beings, we know when this has been achieved because of a certain feeling deep down, and a good night’s sleep. Read more

Make board members follow company conduct codes

By Stephen Gandel for Bloomberg View
Marc Faber, the investment strategist who wrote that the U.S. has only been prosperous because it’s been run by white people, started Tuesday on four corporate boards. He ended the day on just one, having been forced to resign from three of them after his remarks in an October client letter suddenly surfaced. Read more

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