Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: The 3 Traits Warren Buffet Looks for in an Employee


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The 3 traits Warren Buffett looks for in an employee

By Emmie Martin for CNBC
Warren Buffett’s workdays no longer include dealing with much of the minutiae of running Berkshire Hathaway. In place of conducting interviews and managing teams, he makes big picture decisions and spends 80 percent of his time reading. But what the legendary investor looks for in quality employees still speaks volumes.

“You look for three things: You look for intelligence, you look for energy and you look for integrity,” he told Nebraska Business magazine, an alumni publication for Buffett’s alma mater, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln’s College of Business Administration, in a 2001 interview.” Read more

Videos during surgery? Some plastic surgeons go too far, Northwestern researchers say

By Lisa Schencker for Chicago Tribune
In recent years, some plastic surgeons have started posting videos of their surgeries on social media in hopes of informing and attracting new patients. But in some cases, their antics seem designed more for entertainment than education, raising ethical questions, according to a new paper from Northwestern Medicine researchers published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

As part of their paper, the researchers proposed new guidelines for plastic surgeons to follow when it comes to posting surgeries on social media. Read more

Ethics leader stresses importance of future generations adopting ‘bloodstream beliefs’

By Steve Jordon for Omaha World-Herald
It’s not enough for owners and executives to follow ethical principles personally and in their businesses, the founding chairman of the Omaha Business Ethics Alliance said Wednesday.

Top officers also have a duty to coach the next generation of Omaha leaders so they adopt the “bloodstream beliefs” that keep the city on the right path, said Robert Bates, who helped found the ethics group 10 years ago. Read more

St. Anselm launches business ethics program

By Melissa Proulx for Union Leader
A new program at St. Anselm College will work to be a resource for students and community businesses when it comes to addressing ethical issues.

The Center for Ethics in Business and Governance is open after it kicked off its first program on Tuesday with more than 100 students in attendance to listen to Kenneth E. Goodpaster, business professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, speak on “Corporate Responsibility in America.” Read more

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  1. Certainly mutual trust is very key in employer – employee relationships, and to me the most important trait. Inasmuch as I will very much want my employees or potential employees to be demonstrably trustworthy I will also want them to fully trust me at all times for our mutual interests or benefits for as long as they remain trustworthy. Lack of trust within any corporate organization or institution is the singular factor that could lead to betrayal and subsequently it’s total demise.

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