Darrell Contreras on Simplifying the Code of Conduct [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

All codes of conduct share a common goal of shaping employee decisions and actions. Yet codes differ in terms of size and scope. Some are quite brief, while others are dozens of pages long.

Darrell Contreras, Chief Compliance Officer for Millennium Health, is an advocate for shorter codes of conduct. A long code, he argues in this podcast, can be overwhelming to employees, making it less likely that they will turn to it for guidance.

He makes the case that shorter is better, leading to a code of conduct that is more approachable and accessible. In addition, brevity forces the focus to remain on the governing principles.

Listen in as he shares the story of why and how Millennium cut its code of conduct down to just one page. He also shares advice on what you should and shouldn’t do when developing a briefer code to guide employees in their work.


  1. While I agree with brevity, does this lack of detail allow employees a sense of inference & open to interpretation?

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