Susan Bounds on Transforming Your Compliance Training [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

With a recently revised and much abbreviated Code of Business Conduct, the compliance department at AT&T saw an opportunity.

In the past, explained Susan Bounds, who is Director, Compliance at the company, the model had been to train everyone, everywhere every year with a great deal of web-based training.  There were individual courses on every topic, which made for a lot of clicking through web pages for employees.  The company realized it was hard to maintain employee interest, and it was time to do something different.

As Susan reveals in the podcast, they decided to shake things up to reflect the updated Code but also a much more mobile workforce.

Their strategy was to develop new training that was more of an ongoing tool, not something to click through once and then put away.  The new training had to be interactive, more engaging, and more accessible for their workers.

They also looked beyond the web, adding live training and traveling to fifteen different locations to offer it.

Listen in to learn what they did, how it’s working and how the new training better enabled them to track learning and strengthen their compliance program.

And, to hear more, plan on attending her session at the 2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute.


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