Meredith Hunt on Compliance Program Effectiveness [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

What makes for an effective compliance program, not just from a legal perspective but from a practical one? Getting that answer, and sharing it is the focus of the LRN 2024 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report

To learn what it contains we sat down with Meredith Hunt (LinkedIn), Ethics and Compliance Specialist at LRN. In this podcast she shared that more effective programs are focused on values rather than rules, and underscore the importance of ethical culture. They are also taking a risk-based approach.

Their research also revealed the importance of adapting to the current business environment. With employees working remotely has come a change in how they gather information. The code of conduct, policies and procedures have to be accessible wherever workers are.

Within the compliance program’s internal operations, effective programs, they report, are focusing more on data and metrics, looking for the data that show where the program is and isn’t working, and enabling continuous improvement.

Listen in to learn more about how to create a more effective compliance program in your organization.