Samantha Kelen and Lisa Beth Lentini Walker on Recession-Proofing Your Career [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Back in 2019 Samantha Kelen, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Cardinal innovations Healthcare and Lisa Beth Lentini Walker, CEO and Founder of Lumen Worldwide Endeavors, proposed a session for the 2020 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute on recession-proofing your career.  By the time they conducted it in September a theoretical exercise had become an all-too-practical one.  These days, like most everyone else in business, compliance professionals have experienced serious erosion in job security.

In this career-essential podcast they explain both how to prepare for and find a new opportunity while also ensuring your current employer understands the value you and the compliance team provides.  That includes keeping a business mindset and knowing the right language to use based on your audience.

They also provide some unexpected advice, including checking employment ads on the SCCE (and HCCA) job boards and elsewhere, too, even if you aren’t on the market.  The job listings can tell you what employers are looking for these days and the skills you need both for finding new work and strengthening the program where you are now.

Also included in this podcast are tips for improving your resume and advice on how to improve your networking.

Listen in for valuable advice on improving your current compliance program and your chances of finding a new position, even in tough times like these.