Markus Juttner on Organizational Blind Spots and Taboos [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Markus Juttner, Vice President & Global Head of Compliance at E.ON doesn’t focus on individual blind spots or taboos. Instead, he focuses on the organizational ones. In fact, as he argues in this podcast and will explain during his talk at 2022 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute, he thinks it’s a mistake to focus on the individual.

Since the core task for compliance teams is to prevent, detect and respond to corporate misconduct, it calls for an organizational level of analysis. You need to understand that the organization is an entity of its own.

There are four common challenges that he sees:

  1. The compliance team not being transparent to the management board: If they ask if the program is effective, you need to be honest and admit if you do not know
  2. The risk assessment only addresses what we expect to see. There may be other factors we have not thought about.
  3. A lack of transparency by the business side when reporting to compliance
  4. The habits that are normal and a part of life in the organizations

All of these can have dramatic effects on the compliance program, and all reflect the culture of the organization. As a result, it is essential to take the time to determine what the culture is, as well as the many subcultures.

Listen in to learn more and then join him at the 2022 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute.