Marjorie Doyle on Compliance in Chaotic Times [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

**The Second of Two Podcasts about the COVID-19 Virus and Compliance Programs**

In Part I of this two-part series, Sheryl Vacca laid out implications for health care providers struggling to respond to the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak while remaining compliant. In this episode we look at how all organizations can and should respond during chaotic, fast-changing times.

Marjorie Doyle, long-time SCCE Academies faculty member, 25-year veteran of DuPont, and now an active consultant to compliance teams and boards, advises companies to look to their values as a starting point. They provide consistency and serve as an anchor during rough seas. In addition, they provide guidance for situations where the laws are unclear, or there may be no laws at all.

Values also have an added benefit: they speak to the company’s brand. This helps business-people better understand their importance to the organization.

Listen in to learn more about how values can guide decision making and bring order in times of seeming chaos.


  1. Excellent podcast! I co-manage our company’s Values Ambassador Program and this is something our ambassadors would find very helpful.

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