Sheryl Vacca on Health Care Compliance and the COVID-19 Virus [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

**The First of Two Podcasts about the COVID-19 Virus and Compliance Programs**

Healthcare providers aren’t just on the front line of dealing with COVID-19 coronavirus.  They are also on the front line of the compliance challenges that come with it.

As Sheryl Vacca, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of Providence St. Joseph Health, explains in this podcast, there are issues emerging already. The latest scientific evidence for treating people affected by the disease may conflict with long established rules, processes and procedures.

In addition, local government agencies are pushing healthcare providers for data so that they can track and manage how the epidemic is evolving.

What should compliance professionals do? First, put the safety of patients, caregivers and the public first. Second, she advises working closely with all the teams addressing the crisis to ensure that efforts don’t end up crossing any compliance lines, even inadvertently. You can have much more of an impact, she notes, if compliance considerations are taken into account at the start of the initiative, rather than after it’s up and running.

Listen in to learn more about what you should be thinking about, and the importance of taking care of yourself during this challenging time.