Marjorie Doyle and Art Weiss on Polishing Your Corporate Values [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

What do the current times and the times to come mean for corporate values?

To answer that question we turn in this podcast to Marjorie Doyle, Principal, Marjorie Doyle & Associates, and Art Weiss, Principal, Strategic Compliance and Ethics Advisors, SCCE & HCCA President and Chief Compliance and Ethics officer at TAMKO Building Products. These two compliance veterans, and members of the SCCE Basic Compliance & Ethics Academies faculty, will be addressing the topic in their session “Polish Your Brand! Make Your Values Apply to Current Issues” on September 19th at the 2021 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.

When faced with such monumental changes as we are today they advise sticking to your values but looking to see if it is time to evolve the definitions. As an example they point to the value of safety, which now should likely reflect not just preventing injuries from things such as falls, but also from COVID-19.

Likewise, they argue that with remote work values remain just as important, but organizations need to recognize that the application of those values is different. Studies have long shown that company values tend to be stronger for employees in the corporate headquarters than they are for those farther away. With so many workers no longer in the office, organizations will need to work harder to keep their values front and center and a driver of corporate culture.

And how can organizations bridge the very different experiences of workers who come into the office and those who don’t? They advise regular communications from leadership filled with examples that reinforce the organizational culture. Those communications, and others, should also explain how the organization’s values are being applied to meet the changing environment.

Listen in to learn more, and be sure to join us at the 2021 SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute.