Johan Thorell and Neil Cullen on Compliance Learning Excellence [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

It’s hard to find a company that doesn’t do compliance training and it’s also hard to find a company that isn’t trying to avoid training burnout.

Neil Cullen, Director of Client Learning at Interactive Services in Ireland, and Johan Thorell, senior Director EMEA Compliance & Data Privacy at CWT have spent a great deal of time considering this problem.  In this podcast — a preview of their session at the 2020 European Compliance & Ethics Institute — they recommend compliance teams focus on three areas when it comes to training:

  1. Content:  Remember that even if the content stays the same year to year it can be framed differently each time
  2. Technology: Be sure to take advantage of new ways to deliver engaging content across multiple devices
  3. Design: Use imagery that is reflective of media people consume in their day to day to life

Listen is as they also discuss the balance between short and long-form training, designing training so that it can be edited easily, making it look like it’s your training and not something off the shelf, and other ideas for making your compliance education initiative a more effective one.