Jim Passey on Setting Career Goals [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Jim Passey, Vice President, Chief Audit & Compliance Officer at Honor Health sat down with us to record three podcasts focused on compliance career development:

In this podcast, the first in the series, he encourages individuals who are still early in their compliance career to take the time to gain a broad view of the industry they work in. For him, that is healthcare, and while many of the examples he cites in this podcast are healthcare-specific, they are equally applicable to other industries.

As you gain an understanding of your industry, he recommends thinking about whether you want to make compliance a career or a stop along the way. If you think it is a potential career for you, he advises you ask yourself whether you are comfortable with conflict and being the bearer of bad news. Both are, for better or worse, an essential part of a being an effective compliance officer, and many are not comfortable in that role.

Also, take the time also to assess what you aspire to do within compliance. Do you want to be the chief compliance officer or are you more comfortable at another level? Do you want to be a compliance generalist or focus on specific areas? To help find the answer pursue projects in a number of different compliance niches.

One important consideration when setting career goals is geography. If you are committed to staying in one region, your prospects may be limited. There may be just one top compliance job in your industry in a given city. If that’s the case, you may need either to set your sights a little lower or be willing to look in other cities and states or industries. As he observes: the fast way to move up the ladder is to move to where the jobs are.

Once you determine your career objectives take the time as well to identify intermediate steps along the way. This will help you set a path and measure your progress. Check regularly to see how you are doing, especially when major events take place, such as a new initiative that interests. It may encourage an adjustment in your plans.

Listen in to learn more about setting your career on the right track.