HHS Inspector General Dan Levinson Shares the OIG’s Latest Perspectives [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

On April 16, 2018 Daniel R. Levinson, the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services once again returned to the stage for the HCCA Compliance Institute.  As he has done so many times and so well, he provided the Institute attendees the latest in thinking from the Office of Inspector General.

This year he also sat down to record a podcast covering the highlights of his talk.  Whether you attended the session looking for a refresher or were unable to attend, you’ll find his insights invaluable.

Listen in as he addresses key issues such as:

  • The importance of mastering data
  • Rethinking compliance and healthcare in terms of inputs, outputs and outcomes
  • The need to separate luck and risk: they are sides of the same coin, but you can’t rely on luck
  • Thinking of self-disclosure in terms of demonstrating an understanding of risk and a commitment to reduce it
  • Thinking about “dynamic compliance” to reflect a fast-changing healthcare environment
  • How the OIG’s office is responding to the opioid crises, and the role compliance can play

The podcast is filled with invaluable information and takes less than fourteen minutes to listen to.  Still hungry for more?  Visit the OIG’s new Compliance Resources Portal


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