2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Collection of Blogs

Collected by Doug Stupca
SCCE|HCCA Social Media Coordinator

At the 2018 Compliance Institute we had plenty of attendees share their thoughts on the conference. They described there favorite sessions, their favorite parts of the conference, and much more! Take a look at this year’s conference guest blogs!

Three Blind Mice Session
By Denise Moore

Such a great session! Compliance and Quality and Risk…oh, my! I learned about some KPI and KRI metrics and made a great connection for a project I am currently working on at my hospital. This conference provides insights and great networking opportunities. I also tried the Speed Mentoring session for the first time this year, went well, very fast paced. Thanks, HCCA for putting on a great conference again this year!

Great Information!
By Armando Iniguez

All the presenters are very knowledgeable about the materials they are presenting. Will be coming back next year!

Always Good
By Gary Jones

Any time I go to a conference I feel if I can bring home one or two nuggets that are useful it has been a successful conference. After just the pre-conference day I have a bucket full of nuggets. Such great content this year. Can’t wait to here the IG speak and share with us what is on the horizon. Thanks to HCCA for always putting together such a great experience for all who attend.

By Nicole Martin

Enjoying this conference and all of the diverse speakers. The BEST value for the money in order to stay on top of compliance issues.

Everything I Need
By Doreen Maples

Having multiple responsibilities including compliance, privacy, risk management, quality and accreditation oversight. The HCCA Compliance publication provides topics across all spectrums enabling me to have one single publication that provides me with all of my needs.

Having a Wonderful Time at the Compliance Institute
By Pam Petz

Once again, the HCCA Organization has exceeded my expectations in pulling together a wonderful seminar! On Sunday, we had a spirited dialogue about audits and how to perform them. Thank you to the Trinity Health Team for sharing their tools. On Monday we are going to a few sessions on clinical practice guidelines and OIG updates! See ya there!

First Timer!
By Christina Casillas

I have really enjoyed this great learning experience! My favorite part so far has been the networking!

Put on Your Running Shoes and Get to an HCCA Event
By Karen Villanueva-Matkovich

The Las Vegas 2018 HCCA Compliance Institute is my first HCCA event, ever. It has been educational and informative. Opening remarks by Dan Levinson set the tone and were remarkably on point. Among many great speakers and seminars to choose from, I attended “Designing an Effective Privacy Program”, “What to Carnegie Hall and Good Security Incident Response Plans have in Common?”, and “Taking Marketing Compliance Seriously”. Marti Arvin was personable in her delivery and insightful on security matters. Outstanding! In the end, I recommend that you run (not walk) to register for next year’s HCCA CI. Put on your running shoes.

First HCCA
By Corey Chapman

This is my first HCCA conference and looking forward to gaining some valuable knowledge. First class conference.

The Joy of Compliance
By Rebekah Rushton

My second year at HCCA CI. Love this event. So far the speakers have been amazing. Looking forward to lots of fun the rest of the time here.

By Catherine Niland

This is my 12th CI and each one is better than the last! Enjoying networking and learning new things.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Fun at the Annual HCCA
By Ron Boesch

Learning a bunch at the HCCA annual conference. This is one of the best conferences I attend annually. Nowhere else will this much compliance information be in one place at one time. Great as always.

Looking Good!
By Darryl Gilmore

As usual, the conference is going well. Popular topics, Knowledgable speakers and great input. Don’t expect anything different for the rest of the conference.

Next Level Leadership
By Lynn Ziebell

The information shared at the Next Level Leadership session was especially important for us compliance professionals. The speaker emphasized the importance of managing ourselves – taking care of ourselves – so we can be as effective as possible. It reminded me of the instructions that you get on an airplane: “Put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others.” We can’t be our best without taking care of ourselves together. And, the speaker reminded us, to “Breathe.”

First Time Fun
By Michael Dinh

Thoroughly enjoying my first time at the HCCA convention. Looking forward to meeting new folks and learning more about healthcare compliance.

The Compliance/Audit Mystery Experience
By Darryl Rhames

This is a must go to session. I appreciated the out of the box thinking methods that had the attendees captured. We were able to role play and see how it felt to be in other departments shoes to solve the investigation. Fun stuff!

Podcasts and Roy
By Linda Reimer

I love the podcasts that are available on the HCCA blog. I’m going to miss Roy and all of the knowledge and personality he brings to HCCA. He takes the time to speak with attendees and it really shows he cares about what he does.

HCCA is Awesome
By Kristine Tomzik

I have been a member of HCCA since 2002. This is a fantastic organization. Not only does it provide relevant and current regulatory changes, it has a repository of examples to use to implement these regulations within your organization.

I highly recommend their academy and certification programs. I hold two – CHC and CCEP. The academies are a great way to connect with others, cultivate lifelong friendships and establish a support network.

If you’re not a member and/or certified, you are missing out!

Opening Remarks, Daniel Levison
By Jim Canino

This is my 13 consecutive HCCA Compliance Institute. The highlight every year has been listening to Mr. Levison! He is an extremely knowledgeable individual and a charming speaker. He always communicates his appreciation for those of us in the Health Care Compliance profession and makes us feel good about a tedious profession. Thanks Mr. Levison for your constant support!
I look forward to attending this quality program again next year!

Fantastic Conference to Speak at
By Drew Stevens

I have the privilege of speaking at the 2018 Vegas Conference, and the experience has been terrific.

The amenities are wonderful, and the logistics are all running smoothly. I have also really enjoyed the Braindates that I have been able to take part in.

This has probably been the best conference I have ever attended or spoken at.

Greatest Conference Ever
By Eleace Sawyers

Greatest ever conference. Largest Exhibitor program I have yet to see. Always great content.

Therapy Across
By Becky Prejean

This was a great session regarding therapy and the requirements for each level of care! very good and useful information to take back to the group!! The presenters were very informative and spoke from clinician and auditing/appealing standpoint. So thankful for the handouts to take back to the therapy coordination team.

Great IRP Info
By Rene Thibodeaux

The IRP session was phenomenal and had wonderful insight into not only details for inclusion in plans but also many additional items to consider. Marti was well versed in the planning process and was a wealth of information.