Don Sinko on Integrity at Cleveland Clinic [Podcast}


compliance, risk assessment, internal auditAs the Chief Integrity Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Don Sinko has responsibility for both compliance and internal audit.  Listen in to this interview in which he explains the advantages of keeping compliance and internal audit as separate roles but under one umbrella.  As he explains, it helps them pursue their very related but separate roles in what he sees as the most optimal way.  Don also explains:

  • What it means to be an integrity officer
  • Why Cleveland Clinic chose to keep audit and compliance as separate departments
  • Why building relationships is a core value to compliance and integrity programs
  • The importance of focusing on the issues rather than looking to blame someone
  • Leading by example
  • Helping colleagues realize that compliance is everyone’s job
  • Risk assessment structures throughout Cleveland Clinic
  • The importance of operations understanding risks throughout the organization
  • Corporate compliance is best thought of as preventative medicine


Don Sinko is the Chief Integrity Officer for Cleveland Clinic, with responsibility for the Offices of Internal Audit, and Corporate Compliance and Business Ethics.  In this capacity, Don oversees the audit and compliance programs that focus on risk management, regulatory compliance, business ethics and internal controls for the health system.

Prior to joining the Cleveland Clinic, Don was the Director of Internal Audit at Eaton Corporation, responsible for an international internal audit staff serving operations on six continents.  Prior to Eaton, Don was an Audit Senior Manager with Ernst & Young in Cleveland, serving primarily healthcare and SEC manufacturing clients.

Don, a certified public accountant and a graduate of Miami University, is a frequent speaker on healthcare compliance, leadership, and process control topics. He also has extensive board of trustee experience, having actively served on the Boards of Trustees of The Arthritis Foundation of Northeastern Ohio, Great Lakes Theater Festival, The Presbytery of the Western Reserve, and the Miami University Isaac & Oxley Center for Business Leadership.