David Barr on Live Compliance Training [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

For years most of the focus on compliance training has been focused on web-based programs.  While there is much discussion about issues like the use of comedy in that training, or whether it should be a full hour or just a few minutes, there is relatively little talk about when is live training better?  And, how do we make live training work at its best?

David Barr of the firm CampbellBarr is a specialist in live compliance training.  In this podcast he argues that live training is best when looking for a behavioral change.  For simply exchanging knowledge, web-based training is idea, but when looking at affecting human dynamics, live training can be a better choice because of the interaction with the instructor and with their peers in the room.

He shares his advice for making live training work at its best including:

  • Avoiding training with so large a group that interaction is limited
  • Getting participants active and moving
  • Training in the language participants truly are comfortable in
  • Recognizing that the invitation to the training is the actual start of the learning process

Listen in, if you can get past the irony of turning to web-based training to learn about the virtues of in-person learning.


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