Creating Opportunities to Train

Alexandra Wrage-web 2012By Alexandra Wrage

Karen Benson, Director of Global Compliance and Ethics at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, and Travis Winslow, Senior Director, Ethics and Compliance at Carnival Corporation, understand the need for opportunistic training.  In-person training is the gold standard not only for employees, but for third party intermediaries, too, but there is rarely sufficient budget to bring far flung international teams together in a way that is cost-effective.
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Earlier this week, taking advantage of the widely-attended three day Cruise Shipping conference in Miami, Karen and Travis invited their port agents to arrive one day early.   The agents were able to meet with their company contacts informally and then participate in a lively training session, including a description of the array of compliance tools available to them at little or no cost, and an extended informal Q&A session afterwards.

Unlike more generic compliance conferences, Karen and Travis tailored the content to challenges specific to their industry and to emphasize their respective corporate policies and the availability of their hotlines to their third parties, another good practice.  The third parties were also able to discuss TRACEcertification requirements, a due diligence certification accepted by both Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

This is the second year that Karen and Travis have organized this event.   Representing, as their companies do, the two largest companies in the cruise line industry, these meetings send a signal to the industry that compliance is a priority, that misconduct is taken seriously, and that many multinational companies stand ready to support their international business partners as they raise their compliance standards as a community.


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