Blogging About the Blog


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

You just had a great insight and wish you could share it with others in compliance. You have an idea for an article but you really don’t have time to write one. Or, maybe you think it’s time we rethink an issue and just want to raise the thought. What do you do?

Write about it here.

One of the things people don’t appreciate about writing for the blog is that it’s easier than it seems. Articles are much shorter than people think. It’s not a college essay.  Just a page to a page and half is all that most blog posts are. Heck, if it’s longer than 1,000 words it’s probably too long for the blog.

Second, blog posts let you address something that’s happening right now. Typically it’s less than two weeks, often less than a week, between when articles gets submitted and when they run. So, you can address the latest enforcement action, changes in regulation, or that great new thing that you came up with and want to share with the compliance community. It’ll be published long before the story gets old.

Third, blog posts can be good therapy, especially now. We all have found ourselves sitting alone at our desks wondering (or fuming) why business people don’t figure out x, or how y practice works so great and no one seems to know it, or whether it would be best to think about z in a different way.

Don’t keep that inside you. Get it down on paper (or Word file), and send it in. You’ll get a weight off your chest and enable others to benefit from your wisdom.

Fourth, we’ve all had that insight into compliance at some point that we would love to share. You either realize something you never thought of before, or something outside of compliance sheds a light that others should see. I’ve gotten inspired by everything from bike rides to the number of shirts in my closet to my dishwasher.

Which brings me to one last point:  a blog post doesn’t need to be a heavy document. It is designed to spur thought, share your expertise and help others. It can be a quick, easy read.

So don’t be intimidated at the prospect of writing for the blog. Gather your thoughts, give a quick check of the guidelines, and then send your submission into me at

Oh, and to put things into perspective, what you just read is long enough for the blog.

I look forward to reading your first post.