Andy Hinton on Compliance at Google [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

No compliance program is without challenges, but when you’re running compliance at one of the world’s highest-profile companies, the playing field is a bit different.

Andy Hinton, Vice President, Ethics & Compliance at Google takes some time out to share his experiences there, and, surprisingly, how life in the spotlight may not be as difficult as some might think.  Employees, he explains, grow used to the idea that they are in a high profile company where their actions have consequences.

Listen in as he discusses:

  • Finding that the oft-reported issues with Millenials are hype; they have high standards for their employers and are viewed as stakeholders for giving feedback
  • The importance of staying in front of issues
  • The synchronicity of compliance, ethics and the culture of the company
  • The value of evangelizing expectations to remote offices, making it clear what expectations Google has
  • The understanding within Google that getting caught up in a compliance issue can get in the way of a moonshot or any new business


  1. Thank you, great article. I believe it’s important for all companies large or small to be mindful of and comply to ethical issues. Thank you again and keep up the good work!

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