2019 SCCE CEI Guest Blogs

A Misleading Session Title By Nick Sanders

The name of the session was “Top Five Compliance Risks When Contracting with the Federal Government,” but that title was misleading. In fact, it was an overview, with details and anecdotes, of many compliance risks.

The amount of information provided was astounding. I’ve been to multi-day training seminars that covered fewer topics in less detail. And the session only lasted 90 minutes!

The speakers, lawyers from a local (Beltway) firm, demonstrated mastery of the topics, which ranged from FAR and CAS to personnel matters to cybersecurity.

This is why I attend CEI each year.

So Glad I Attended By Haley Norberg

As a first-time attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for SCCE. I am so glad I made the choice to come. The sessions are so informative, the networking opportunities are immense, and the encouragement from my colleagues across the country was much needed. I am so thankful to have met so many other compliance professionals and the opportunity to further my education in this topic. The opportunity to meet with various third parties and information gather was also incredibly convenient. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to further their knowledge about compliance.

My First Time! By Felecia Jones

This has been a great experience. The two speakers that I had this morning were wonderful. The real-life examples were the best. Really getting into the ethical dilemmas have been my favorite. I am so glad I was able to come. I can’t wait until I get back to my department to share what I have learned. There are so many tools I can use to develop a better Compliance Program. I am in the compliance training area and I know I will learn additional tools to develop a more comprehensive program.

LOVING IT!!! Compliance Rocks! By Diane Solley

The networking with fellow compliance officers and compliance personnel give you the encouragement you need to regroup, recharge, and get back to that “clean up in aisle 7” daily activity. Knowing that there are others plugging away and plugging away VERY WELL is encouraging. Learning new skills to take back to the office to help encourage others is also one of the great benefits of coming to the conference. Many folks have been in a similar situation so it is great to learn new techniques to complete the mission and complete the mission compliantly. Thanks, SCCE for such a great Institute!

Still Values-Based After All These Years By Lani DeBenedictis

After 20+ years of E&C, SCCE is undeniably still the best program offered for an early-career or end of career professional. As an Ethics Officer, I value that they keep an ethics curriculum in their program in a see of legal and compliance initiatives.

The balance between multiple industries is key to keeping it fresh and SCCE does this. The speakers are tenured and engaging.

Don’t miss the Higher Education Conference, too. Keep up the good work.

SCCE Experience By Michele Kraal

This is my first year to attend the SCCE National Conference. I didn’t book in time to get a hotel room in the Gaylord, but I don’t have to walk far from my hotel. The conference has quite a few choices for each breakout session, and each one is aligned with a specific focus of compliance. The opening speaker was informative, and he had a lot of insightful tidbits about dealing with a major corporate disaster. I’m looking forward to the other sessions!

Wonderful Conference! By Kristen Despins

First time attending the SCCE CEI and really enjoying it! I’m taking away many valuable insights and connections from the two days here. The topics available for breakout sessions were well thought out to give attendees beneficial takeaways to apply in their day to day work.

As a newer compliance professional, it was a great experience to learn from seasoned compliance professionals from varying industries and backgrounds. Hope to come back next year!