2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Never Gets Old

By Tomi Hagan

Welcome back to Las Vegas, Compliance Institute attendees! The excitement and anticipation surrounding this conference never gets old. Knowing that I am going to reconnect with friends and colleagues I have met over the years, network and make new connections, and spend time celebrating this great profession make the preparation and stress all worth it.
If you are a first-time attendee, make the most of these few days. Learn all that you can from the general and breakout sessions. Meet as many people and collect as many business cards as you can. And don’t forget to have fun! Go out to eat with your newly made connections, or to a show, or dancing (if that’s your thing). Make the most of this conference, because it will be over all too soon.

If you are a multiple-year attendee, don’t let that fact make you jaded and bored. You have a great deal of control over your CI experience. Choose your breakout sessions wisely, attend the receptions, visit the exhibit hall, and keep an open mind. Even if you have been in the compliance profession since its inception, there is something here for you to learn. And be nice to the newbies! Talk to that person who looks confused – maybe you have some words of wisdom that will impact that individual’s experience.
Whether you are an experienced CI attendee, or brand new, try new things. Participate in the many networking opportunities – SpeedNetworking, SpeedMentoring, Brain Dates, etc. Of course, make sure you understand how these sessions work and ask for help if you are unclear. Don’t stand up your Brain Date because you can’t figure out where to meet – there are plenty of folks in red shirts who will guide you! And don’t forget about the informal networking –talk to the person in the coffee line with you, sit beside someone you don’t know, and make this year the best ever for yourself and someone else! Compliance Institute never gets old – if you don’t let it!