2018 Compliance Institute Guest Blogs: Excuses Are Not Reasons for Missing the CI

By Frank Ruelas

Weather is throwing people a curve ball from getting to Point A to Point Las Vegas. Family issues and challenges are always important and need our attention. Money, by definition, is and always tight to get. no doubt there as well.

BUT…for 3,200 of your colleagues, we are proof that it can happen. That like us, you can indeed make it to a Compliance Institute. Why the commitment to getting to a CI? A good question with even better answers.

Certainly the CI is very well known for its networking opportunities. The CI is often a “who’s who” in the compliance world, and quite honestly, it is not only professionally refreshing and rejuvenating…but it also is simply lots of fun to attend with thousands of others who are experiencing the same challenges and obstacles in developing the best compliance program possible that you also deal with day in and day out.

Yes, the CI is only 4 days, but I can say that personally as well as for some my colleagues on The Crew, the benefits of the education , insights, and lessons learned last for the other 361 days of the year.

So here’s an idea, begin your efforts to attend the CI by getting involved with HCCA. Offer to share your gems of knowledge on a webinar, write an article for Compliance Today, and get active on HCCAnet. The more you get involved, the more you realize that the CI is a “must attend” event to add to your to do list every year.

In fact HCCA offers tons of information that you can share with your leadership that can highlight the genuine and tangible benefits that you will receive by attending the CI.

So you may not be here in Las Vegas this year…but let’s make it a point to do a meet and greet in Boston at the CI in 2019.

I’m going to do my best to be there. How about you?