Social Media: Behind the Curtain [Video Presentation]

1ca85fbBy Kortney Nordrum

While working with social media for HCCA for a year, I kept hearing the same thing from our members and attendees: the convergence of compliance and social media is scary. As an attorney, (self-described) social media expert, and CHC-holder, I decided to tackle the subject head on in a presentation at our 19th Annual Compliance Institute, held in April of this year. My session took place on Wednesday morning, and is a full 1 hour & 45 minutes long.

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In the following presentation, you will hear, in detail, about the different types of social media, how to use them, the risks associated with each, the regulations you should be aware of, and tips and tricks for using social media to promote your own compliance program. If you have any questions about anything in my presentation, please feel free to contact me at or my direct line at 952-405-7928. Enjoy!