Willie Garson on the Right Kind of Wrong [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Willie Garson has committed more crimes than anyone you have ever met or will ever meet in your life.

Fortunately, the crimes have been fictional. He played the character Mozzie on White Collar for five seasons, had a recurring role as Gerard Hirsch on Hawaii Five-O, and even was a repeat offender on NYPD Blue. He also played Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City, a role in which his character committed no crimes that I can recall.

While playing a white collar criminal certainly sounds fun, he explains that it proved to be very educational. He learned about the great amount of confidence many criminals have and that it’s not a strict risk/reward equation that motivates them.

In this podcast he shares these insights and delves into why we identify with the criminals we see on TV. He also discusses the tremendous amount of thought that goes into what lines we will allow characters to cross, and which we won’t.

Listen in also to learn how to get inside the head of a wrongdoer.

It’s a fun podcast, with some good lessons for compliance teams wondering why people commit wrongdoing and why so many sympathize with bad actors. It’s also great insight if you’re considering creating training scenarios where the characters break the rules.


  1. This was the best compliance podcast I’ve heard too, Willie Garson! What a great guest to have on the show! I knew I recognized the name and thought, “did I go to law school with him?” when I realized you decided to interview one of my favorite character actors. He gave good suggestions for training as well.

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