Unfair & Unbalanced with Tom Fox & Roy Snell – Episode 3


Paris attacks, worldwide corruption, Leslie Caldwell, DOJ, FCPA Enforcement; Rogue Employees

Taped live in SCCE’s Minneapolis office, Tom and Roy discuss:

  • Breaking into the compliance profession;
  • More importantly, finding a job in the compliance profession;
  • How social media is your compliance-job-search friend;
  • Tom’s 2 favorite pieces of career advice (only one is sports-related);
  • Why being helpful ends up being more than being helpful;
  • How to become Tom & Roy’s (compliance) second-cousin;
  • Why you should be writing all the time, about everything (even if it’s your first day);
  • Tom talks synthesis (the philosophy kind, not the science kind); and
  • Roy’s first day of kindergarten.

If you have suggestion for topics for Tom & Roy, or questions you’d like to ask them, please email kortney.nordrum@corporatecompliance.org