Top 5 Characteristics That Demonstrate a Strong Work Ethic


By Jacob Dillon
Distinctive Journalist

Any good employer-employee relationship operates on strong work ethics. If there are no ethics, there’s barely someone speaking the truth. A promise such as “I will definitely hand you the report tomorrow, Sir,” must be accompanied by the action of finishing that report by tomorrow. Making empty promises or not keeping one’s word is wrong, as it concerns both the employer and the employee.

As an employer, you will never regain credibility again; but how can one be in charge of an entire business without inspiring trust to his or her people? As an employee, you will never regain confidence again; but how can one employer assign you tasks if you are not to be confined in? For a business to run well, strong work ethics must be respected.

“Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will,” shares Goldsmith on Here are the five most important characteristics one must possess to show integrity and own the business world!

  1. Being Honest

There’s nothing more important than being honest. When you are telling the truth, you become respected and people start trusting you. Here is some advice that might put you on the right path:

  • First, learn to be true to yourself – hiding behind lies will bring you nothing but frustrations. Make sure you recognize when you’re wrong and admit when you must change. Analyze your qualities and weaknesses and come to an objective conclusion – is there something you must improve?
  • No matter what you are lying about, just stop – whenever you’re on the point of saying a lie, stop, realize it, and don’t do it, no matter if it’s about you losing 10 pounds instead of 5, or your boy “not taking” ballet classes. Own up to your actions.
  • Don’t try to imitate or impersonate somebody else – you are your beautiful self, so be proud. If you are not yourself, who will?
  • Open up – lots of times, we may recur to telling lies because we are too closed-up to recognize what lays deep down inside us. Try opening up and see how it feels, even if it’s your boss or colleague. Expect nothing in return, just tell the truth and see what happens.
  1. Being on Time

“Being punctual matters. People who are late show disrespect to everyone waiting for them. If everyone can be on time, why can’t you?” shares Chris Ferguson, CEO at EssayOnTime.

There are two types of belated people, as I like to call them. There’re the ones who are ashamed and realize they’re mistaken; and there is the second category, whose motto is, “I was not late. Everybody else was earlier.” The first category might be forgiven, but the second stands no chance. If you’re one of the last group, consider these golden rules:

  • Don’t check your social media right before you leave the house.
  • Leave a 30% chance something might not go right – that means, leave earlier than you should!
  • Prepare your clothes, food, and everything else you might need for the day one night before.
  • Set your clock five times in a row to make sure you hear your alarm.
  • Try to estimate how much each one of your activities will take.
  • Set up Google Calendar and multiple reminders.
  1. Being Disciplined

Being a poor self-organizer might get you distracted from your daily tasks. Keeping a disciplined mindset will help you reach your goals and increase your productivity.

  • Understand your weaknesses and work on improving them
  • Remove any temptations you might have while working; don’t let yourself be distracted
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals – Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Real, and Time-Bound.
  • Work on your discipline every day – results don’t show up overnight!
  • Create new habits that help you stay on track – start working out, or meditate
  • Create well-designed plans for your each one of your targets
  1. Being Productive

The key to being productive is self-discipline. So, if you already started working on that, you are definitely heading the right way. Some tips and tricks:

  • Don’t multitask – they all say it works, yet they’re all wrong. Keeping your productivity up is essential when part of a business. The secret – don’t multitask. Seriously. Focus on one task at a time and give out the best you have.
  • Don’t take too much on you – when you feel that you’ve reached your limit, don’t be afraid to say so. Quality over quantity, remember?
  • Ask someone to hold you accountable – it could be a good friend or a colleague; ask them to check on your progress from time to time. That way, you’ll be reminded to focus and keep going.
  1. Being Reliable

Reliability is a must-have quality if you want good outcomes both personally and professionally. However, in order to become trustworthy, you must learn how to:

  • Govern commitments – don’t make promises you can’t keep or say “yes” when you don’t mean it.
  • Communicate proactively – communication is the key to everything; as long as the other person understands your message and perceives it the right way, you can rule the world!
  • Respect your values – if you promised to help out a colleague at 5, don’t start a tennis game at 4:30. Help them out. Stay true to your words.
Wrapping Up

To show strong work ethics, be honest, punctual, disciplined, and reliable. Increasing your productivity is another must-do. Keep your head up, you got this!

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter and Facebook.