Tomell deSilva Ceasar on COVID, Careem and Compliance [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Careem operates across the Middle East, in Africa and South Asia. Now a part of Uber, its technology enables ride hailing, food delivery and other services.

Not surprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected different countries differently, and that poses a challenge for the company, reports Tomell deSilva Ceasar, head of Group Compliance. The company has to comply with a wide range of local laws and regulations that vary considerably.

So what should compliance teams do? In this podcast Tomell advises knowing the local rules, but also keeping an eye on the big picture. That means ensuring that the entire compliance program, not just the pandemic-related elements, are functioning appropriately, even as the team rapidly evolves to the fast-changing environment.

The compliance team also needs to be willing to innovate. Compliance at Careem is working closely with the business team, he reports, to help the company evolve.compliance, ethics, governance, tone at the top, compliance training, pandemic, COVID-19 That includes adjusting the risk assessment to reflect changing business offerings and needs, keeping business teams aware of the risks, and also adjusting compliance resources accordingly.

Listen in as he shares more lessons learned, including making compliance present and relevant both to leadership and the workforce.