Tobias Kruis and Clara Becerra Campos on the EU Whistleblower Requirements [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Clara Becerra Campos, Senior Compliance Analyst-Europe for TD SYNNEX, and Dr. Tobias Kruis, Head of Corporate Compliance, Giesecke+Devrient, will be addressing the new EU whistleblowing requirements at the 2024 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute, which takes place in Amsterdam March 18-20.

In this podcast, they delve into the challenges posed by the directive, which significantly expands the number of EU-based and non-EU-based companies that must comply.

The directive not only provides protections for whistleblowers, they explain. It also establishes procedures and deadlines for handling reports. As significantly, it leaves the door open to variations among EU member states, which complicates the picture considerably.

So what should you do? If your organization does not have a whistleblower line already in place they recommend you:

  • Implement an internal reporting channel
  • Be sure it’s aligned with legal and data privacy
  • Consider who will manage the system and conduct the investigations
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Communicate with your workforce

For those with a helpline already they recommend starting with a gap analysis to determine if your existing efforts are meeting the new requirements.

Listen in to learn more, then join them in Amsterdam at the 2024 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute.