Susan Du Becker on Removing the Negative Stigma Around Compliance [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

It’s not always easy walking into the room as a compliance officer.  Employees often tense up and wonder “what now.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, and Amsterdam-based Susan Du Becker, Global Compliance Enablement for Cisco, has identified how to build a more positive relationship.  Turning things around, she explains, depends on showing the business the value that compliance can bring and that we are here to help support the business.

It begins, like so much else in compliance, with the corporate culture.  If the culture is wrong, there is no way to effectively address the underlying issues.  That makes it exceptionally difficult to affect behavior, including a willingness to come forward and speak with compliance.

One way to start moving the culture, according to Susan, is to look for support from others outside of compliance.  Start with the individuals who get it, and help them enlist others. One way to help make that happen:  earn some quick wins.  Show where compliance adds values to the business.  Point out that customers want reassurance that the company is compliant.  In addition, demonstrate successes such as reductions in cases or ethics issues.

Listen in to learn more about how compliance can start being seen as brightening a door, instead of darkening it.