Shahzad Khan on Creating a Code of Conduct App [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

By any measure, Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala is a large company.  It operates in 30 different jurisdictions, has tens of thousands of employees and has over half a trillion dollars in assets.

This posed a substantial challenge for the compliance team.  Printing and distributing codes of conducts in multiple languages was not easy, and likely did not serve their employee base well.  People don’t typically have their copy of the code of conduct with them out in the field when issues come up.  Plus, with most of the company’s employees aged 35 or less, a paper code didn’t really match the way they consumed information.

The solution for Mubadala was to create an app for its code of conduct (just search “Mubadala” in your app store to download it).

As Shahzad Khad, Mubadala’s Head of Compliance and Ethics explains, the company saw an app as a better way to connect and engage with stakeholders — employees, partners, suppliers and agents in field.

In this podcast, he explains how the Mubadala compliance and ethics department:

  • Put together a development team focused on making the app work from a technical, content, business and usability perspective
  • Decided what to include in the app and what not to
  • Made the app interactive to increase learning and involvement

Listen in also to learn about how they did it, the app’s impact on helpline calls, and how employees actually use it.


  1. Kudos to Mr. S. Khad for the innovative Code of Conduct App. His employees are in good hands. I will certainly mention this to my superiors.

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