Segev Shani on AI Risk [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

At the 2024 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute, Segev Shani, Chief Compliance & Regulatory Officer at Neopharm Group will be leading the session “Corporate Use of Third-Party Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools.”

In this podcast he shares that a great deal of risk comes from the headlong pursuit of AI technology. Businesses believe that if they are not using Ai that they will be left behind, but the adoption rate is not being matched with a complete understanding of what AI is.

To manage this issue, he recommends creating an AI governance model that balances the risks and rewards. It can help employees and managers understand the risks, including inaccuracy, bias and both misuse and improper use of intellectual property. And, of course, there can be substantial privacy risks as well.

Listen in as he discusses proper governance, the need for training and the importance of integrating AI governance into business processes.

Then plan on joining us in Amsterdam, 18-20 March, at the 2024 SCCE European Compliance & Ethics Institute.