Ruth Steinholtz on Corporate Culture [Podcast]


Post By: Adam Turteltaub

Corporate cultures tend to be organic, living things, but where do they come from?  According to Ruth Steinholtz of AreteWork, interestingly enough they come from imitation.  The author of Ethical Business Practice and Regulation reveals in this podcast, that people tend to mimic the behaviors they see in their leadership.  And, often, patterns of behavior within an organization even reflect senior executives who have long since departed.

As cultures evolves, some, obviously can grow toxic.  A blame culture, in which the tendency is to look for individuals to blame for mistakes, is particularly dangerous.  So, too, those filled with abrasive behavior, disrespect, and fear.

To keep culture moving in the right direction she advises engaging actively with leadership as well as other functions that can have a significant impact:  HR, legal, sustainability, internal communications and internal audit.  The board can also play an important role, as can regulators as well as customers.

Listen in to increase your understanding of how cultures can and should be shaped.  And, for those interested, here is the publication she refers to in the podcast:  Performance Management for an Ethical Culture