Ronnie Feldman on Playing Offense and Defense [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Ronnie Feldman (LinkedIn), CEO, Founder and Creative Director of Learnings & Entertainment, thinks that compliance teams play too much defense and not enough offense.

What does that mean?  In this podcast he explains that offense is the proactive preventative measures designed to prevent problems. Defense is reactive and made up of investigating allegations and cleaning up issues. To his experience, the time and money are more focused on defense than offense.

So what should we do? He recommends realigning efforts, starting with looking at the key influences of behavior: the social environment and the influence of leadership. That includes changing the perception of compliance and turning it into a more positive one. One specific step he advocates is making the training more relevant and enjoyable to take.

On the leadership level, he advocates for making them a larger part of the ethics team by providing them with the tools they need to address ethics issues. This could include videos to share and simple learning exercises they could take their teams through.

All of these efforts can promote an environment of psychological safety and lay the groundwork for a compliance program that works and delivers measurable results.

Listen in to learn more about how your program can play more offense.