Robin Singh on Healthcare and General Compliance in the Gulf Cooperation Council Region [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Robin Singh isn’t that much different from most healthcare compliance professionals.  He works for a healthy system with 12 hospitals, 20,000 employees and over 60 clinics.  What’s different, at least for most of the readers and podcasts listeners, is he does all this Abu Dhabi.  Although the healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates is far different than the one in the US, compliance officers are still needed and appreciated.

They also face a number of challenges.  His advice for navigating compliance issues in the Gulf Cooperation Council region includes:

  • Recognize that risks are country-specific, but there are many commonalities
  • Be aware of the political situation: the countries are stable, but they are also young and the regulatory environment is still developing
  • Watch the microeconomic factors that can have a macro effect, specifically oil & gas price volatility
  • Accept the cultural nuances, including that the optics of how you do things: reputation and honor are very important.
  • Conflicts of interest are an ongoing issue because of the gift-giving culture.

Listen in to learn more about navigating compliance risks in the Gulf.


  1. The point on whistle-blower protection was very well explained. Whistle-Blower protection is a crucial aspect of a compliance program, as the safety of individuals impacts the culture and reflects the right tone at the top. On the other hand, a general compliance program shows the employees that there is no support from the top management and concocts a culture of fear.

  2. The speaker makes keen observations on the microeconomics factors making a macro level impact and followed it up with the key risks which emerges through cultural nuances and how does all of this impacts the culture in general and the speak-up culture. A very much needed point of view.

  3. The speaker depicts in-depth knowledge of various elements of compliance and ethics, especially the cultural component and psychology behind whistle-blowing.
    The importance of updating the E&C Program is well stressed in the podcast. It is an area which requires a lot of scrutiny, since most of the time there is disarray between the ever-growing regulations, their update and when they are updated in the E&C Program.
    Another key aspect which was well highlighted was about the tone. The practicality of tone and its portal are different, and they have a direct impact on the program.

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