Robert Cruz on the Compliance Risks of New Workplace Communication and Collaboration Platforms [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

In the pre-digital age, workplace communications tended to be verbal and memo based.  Then email came along, which changed everything.  And, now there is an explosion of new technologies such as Slack and Microsoft Teams being deployed with the goal of increasing collaboration and productivity.

Behind the change, explains Robert Cruz, Managing Director at Smarsh is a changing workforce.  Younger workers and clients have their own preferences for how they want to communicate, and the emphasis is on speed.

The challenge for compliance and ethics professionals, and the businesses that they serve, is that there are not yet clear guardrails, Cruz explains in this podcast, for communication on these platforms.  While some may recognize that the need for careful communication still applies, many do not.  That creates substantial risk in areas ranging from protecting corporate intellectual property to harassment to privacy laws.

Organizations need to spend the time, he argues, examining what the risks are and not just the potential productivity gains.  In addition, they need to assess the ability to capture historical data should an incident occur and an investigator or regulator wants to access previous communications.  That may be harder than it seems based on how the platform has been deployed and what content it contains: text, videos, and even emoji’s.

Listen in to learn more about the opportunity and risks in the emerging space of collaboration platforms.


  1. From this it’s clear business leaders and compliance officers should always forge ahead with business in alignment with the views of business partners and investors disregarding trivial changes and can depend on the contributions of the entire workforce day and nights stimulating growth and the expansion of business as well as maintaining a healthy working environment… All blazing and burning tensions among the workforce should also be put out to the exit as well as eliminating all costs associated with travel and road trips during business hours and instead focus on putting more energy and efforts into the business. I believe the success of every business and the efficacy of it’s leader is strongly depended on his collaboration with his business partners , investors, stakeholders etc. which should be the promise and the pledge of a leader aspiring to have his gains and successes permanently inked or in other words written in stone.

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