Renee Murphy on ESG and Compliance [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

What do we do with ESG? Is it a part of compliance? Something different? How do we handle it?

Renee Murphy, Distinguished Evangelist at Diligent argues in this podcast that while there are compliance aspects to ESG, it is best to quickly make it a part of operations and under the general risk management structure.

Of the three elements of ESG, it is the environmental sustainability side, she believes, that will be the most challenging. With new requirements for organizations to report on their fossil footprint, companies are being forced to march into unexplored territory. As a result, they will need to evolve their process, which, she believes, will become easier as management comes to understand the balance sheet implications.

Listen in to learn more about what is happening with ESG, and what compliance teams need to know.