Refresh, Renew, Rethink: How to Revamp your Compliance Training

By Mark Dorosz
VP of Compliance Learning, Interactive Services

Time tells all things, and it will often tell you that after a while you need to revamp and refresh some things within your organization. We can get set in our ways being comfortable with what we’ve been doing, then things get stale. A dull training atmosphere can stunt growth and creativity – two things you need! Refresh your employees with a revamp.

Choosing the Right Approach

Most compliance training revolves around making sure that employees understand and receive the information in a way that is ultimately efficient for the company. Most employees should technically be capable of absorbing this information, however, many employees are not inherently enthusiastic about almost any form of training. You set the pace and tone, so be sure to approach your training positively and enthusiastically.

Delivery Counts

Some people are more likely to absorb information if it is dictated to them. Other people will remember the things that they discuss with others more hands on. Some people have a hard time even interpreting diagrams and images, while other people will really only learn if diagrams and images are involved.

You may have employees that need to write and record things physically in order to learn something. If the compliance training information is delivered in a way that will satisfy most of these groups, it should work well.

Finding New Ways to Motivate Employees

There are some employees who still won’t respond to compliance training. Almost all employees will respond well if employers can find some additional way to motivate them to succeed at compliance training effectively. There are free or inexpensive ways of doing this.

Some employees will respond positively to a simple certificate that makes it clear that they have done well in compliance training, especially if it is something that they can use to add to their resumes. If employers actually do make a note of the employees who did really well in compliance training, they will truly make these new credentials count, and they will be able to keep track of some potentially talented employees in the process.

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