Rashmi Airan on Ethical Blindspots and Their Consequences [Podcast]

By Adam Turteltaub

Rashmi Airan won’t be addressing health care compliance issues at the 2018 Compliance Institute.  Instead, she’ll be talking about her career as an attorney with a great deal of real estate experience, particularly in questionable transactions.  Those transactions resulted in a guilty plea and approximately six months in prison.

In this podcast, she tells the story of meeting a real estate developer in 2007 who needed some help with a “creative” transaction.  She went on to do about 100 of these transactions before moving on.  Then, seven years later, she was indicted for bank fraud.

Since her release she has shared her experiences and insights while simultaneously trying to better understand why she and so many others go astray.

Listen in as she discusses how her focus on other things in her life – raising and supporting children, financial demands, family expectations – enabled her to rationalize the illegal behavior.

Listen, too, as she shares some thoughts on how to prevent others from making her mistakes. She discusses the importance of listening to that voice within our head and giving up the idea that “I’m a good person and would only do good things.”

She also suggests that many problems could be avoided by creating environments where it is safe to ask questions and to discuss right and wrong, not just during training, but as an ongoing part of business discussions.

Rashmi Airan‘s mission is to share the need for ethical vigilance and to inspire you to make good ethical choices in all areas of your life. Rashmi is a keynote speaker and consultant fighting to create a culture of conversation and bring ethical issues in business to light, to promote integrity, enhance commitment to fiduciary duty, and shift the paradigm of ethics standards.