Putting the “SEE” in Community


By Stephen Pavlicek, Community Engagement Manager, SCCE & HCCA

You may have noticed our recent update to our SCCEnet and HCCAnet and our efforts to host live community conversations that center around topics important to compliance professionals. We realized that not everyone finds their place in our association by speaking or writing. Still, nearly everyone loves to have a place like SCCEnet and HCCAnet where they can find resources, ask questions, and locate networks that strengthen programs and practice. So we will keep delivering resources that equip you for the ever-changing compliance and ethics profession.

Let’s explore some options:

Consider SCCEnet and HCCAnet as the landing page for community-based discussions. When you arrive, you will find nearly 40 different discussion communities catering to topics relevant to compliance and ethics professionals. Threads range from General Compliance Topics to HIPAA, Global Groups, and Exam Study groups and also include specific challenges/scenarios that compliance folks are trying to solve by leveraging the community’s collective wisdom. This is the place to ask questions, search for resources, and network with people from across the compliance-verse!  It’s available to you 24/7/365, whenever a new challenge emerges.

In addition to these free-form conversations, Our live, topic-based, online community conversations are open invitations for dialogue that help us all to “see” from one another’s perspective and learn from each other. These free, monthly, and semi-structured conversations feature a compliance professional and how they see compliance programs or overcome a compliance challenge from their chair—leveraging the host’s perspective as a springboard for a conversation with fellow attendees. We hope that these conversations enable attendees to view a less familiar compliance context better or encourage others, who find themselves in very similar positions, that they are not alone. We host these as free monthly discussions, which are advertised on our social network and LinkedIn.

Lastly, we offer our community-based sector conversations. These too are monthly, one-hour live discussions where there is no host, rather attendees are contributors and participants – they decide what to talk about, and then they talk about it. We see these sessions as enabling another way to see.

Look for them, too, on the social network and LinkedIn.

Frank White , who coined the term “the overview effect,[1]” described it well – the view one gets when seeing the earth below from an airplane or astronauts who see it from the moon. Through community and conversation, we are trying to achieve a more complete picture of the whole.

Too often, from what I have heard, compliance professionals are so wrapped up in the everyday grind that they cannot take a step back and see “the earth from the moon’s perspective.” White found that an astronaut’s view from the moon is unique in that they saw the earth’s nations without borders and the ecosystem more completely, which is altogether different than the view achieved while living [2]. And it seems the more opportunities we have to see “wholes,” the better chance we can fill “holes” in our risk strategies. Our sector conversations seek to do just that through collective insights gathered. Everyone has a stake in our discussions and topics, so we can “see” more completely.

If you still have not checked these out, consider this your invitation! We also want membership at SCCE and HCCA to feel more like a community.

We are ramping up our efforts to equip our community with opportunities in multiple sectors, regions, industries, and topics. So I encourage you to stay tuned and stay engaged!

[1] Moran, Norah, Gary Jordan, and Frank White. “EP 107: The Overview Effect.” Houston: We Have a Podcast. NASA, August 29, 2019. https://www.nasa.gov/johnson/HWHAP/the-overview-effect.

[2] Ibid