Professor Kyle Welch on His Helpline Activity Research [Podcast]


By Adam Turteltaub

Helplines are ubiquitous these days, but do they help?  Recent research co-authored by Kyle Welch, an Assistant Professor of Accountancy at George Washington University’s business school, is very promising.  As he explains in this podcast, his research, which used data helpline provider NAVEX Global, found that firm that have active helplines generally have higher quality corporate governance and earning reports.

Some may find this counterintuitive, thinking that more calls are a sign of trouble.  Instead, his research revealed, it is more probably a sign of a healthy work environment and business.

Listen in to hear more of his data, and to help make the business case for investing in compliance and ethics.  Also, be sure to download a copy of his research.


  1. Another great podcast on the most important topic of Hotlines/Helplines! Great stuff! I would also add that “anonymity rate”is another key metric worth of study. Those employees who provide their names and chose not to report anonymously must trust the company a great deal and have a great deal of confidence their reports will be taken seriously, handled expertly, confidentially and that they will not be retaliated against, etc. So, if you have a higher than normal percentage of those providing their names, this is an extremely strong indicator of a strong ethical culture. Really great stuff and looking forward to downloading and reviewing Professor Welch’s research further!

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